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If you need that little something extra to create the perfect image we can help with our range of snow, smoke & water atmospheric effects. We have a large range of equipment to provide snow, foam, rain, water, fountains, wind, smoke, fog, and dry ice or low smoke.

We are specialists in creating the exact effect to make your event, film or production the most accurate and realistic without all the fuss and mess of the real thing.

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Snow; Settled, Falling and Dry 

Every year we are asked to dress thousands of trees with our unique flocking powder for Christmas events. We have the very latest machines capable of spraying the simple paper-based snow powder onto a huge range of objects and surfaces.

This application makes the whole area looks just like a large snowfall has covered everything. Additionally, we also have a range of falling snow machines that can continuously throw out a convincing foam based snow that looks just like the real thing without all the fuss!

Alternatively, If you need a completely dry and clean effect, perhaps for TV or on stage we also have a huge stock of paper snow that works with our confetti machines. We can gently drop the ‘snow’ from above with our range of equipment to look just like the real thing. At the end of the event, the paper can be swept up and used again or recycled.

Smoke Effects and Installations 

The SS Great Britain in Bristol approached us to replicate smoke billowing out of the ship’s famous funnel. With careful testing and development, we were proud to install a bespoke low-maintenance system which is completely self-sufficient and very cost effective. There are many other smoke effects that we are able to offer, be it a simple dry-hire of haze, fog and smoke machines or a more complex and bespoke installation. Ask us how we can provide the perfect smoke effect for you.

Low Fog and Dry Ice

Nothing quite beats the look of low lying fog, perfect for theatre as well as providing a beautiful setting for musical performances. Halloween attractions also benefit from having this spooky effect to replicate a boggy swamp! We can even fill an entire dancefloor to create an unforgettable first dance at weddings.

Our machines are the most compact and efficient on the market, yet they pack the biggest punch. Get in touch and see how we can add this wonderful effect to your event or production.

Rain, Mist and Water Effects

Whether you need a convincing rain effect for stage or screen, a fine mist to create a wonderful interactive effect at an attraction or a bespoke water feature for a festival or production, then speak to us. We have a wide range of ‘off the shelf’ solutions, pipework and pumps, as well as significant experience working with water. Combine all this with our engineering skills, we are confident we can achieve your desired atmospheric effect.

Photo Credit: Victor Frankowski

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