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Dazzle your audience with close up indoor pyrotechnics 

Indoor pyrotechnics or stage pyrotechnics often referred to as indoor fireworks, are perhaps one of the best ways to really excite your audience. The thrill of being up close and personal with professional pyrotechnics is second to none. We are very experienced in installing and operating a large range of effects, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas.

The effects we use are designed for close proximity use. They are precisely manufactured to ensure they operate exactly as described to guarantee the safety of your audience and performers. Our highly skilled and competent technicians are able to asses every venue ensuring only the most appropriate products are used in a safe environment whilst still maintaining an exciting and high impact effect.

Large range of products 

We use only the best suppliers to source our wide range of pyrotechnic effects. We can offer gerbs, mines, comets, waterfalls, line rockets, flashes, maroons, air bursts, robotics, and fuel lifts/explosions all with varying sizes and duration.

Our vast engineering skill set allows us to manufacture a large range of mounting options for pyrotechnics, enabling us to rig in almost every environment. In addition to this, we can offer handheld and person mounted options for aerial performers, set pieces and musical instruments.

Whatever your needs, Aardvark FX will give you the effects you want, delivered in a manner which is safe and reliable. Get in touch to find out more.

World-leading wireless firing system 

Thanks to our distributorship of Galaxis, we hold one of the largest ranges of the firing system in stock and can provide you with the most suitable pyrotechnic application for the job. We have small pocket-sized modules that are perfect for performers, TV/Film sets and small venues, all the way up to the largest 100 output receivers for larger shows.

The Galaxis system allows us to program even the most complex of shows down to millisecond accuracy triggered by our operators, an automatic script or via time code. Due to our stock level, we can offer the best prices on our pyrotechnic packages as we never need to rent in equipment.

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