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Create the perfect finale to your event with our close proximity high altitude pyrotechnics 

Close proximity pyrotechnics are perfect for environments where regular fireworks are not appropriate. We can create spectacular and memorising displays that fill the sky above your audience, making it the perfect finale for any event.

We have vast experience in designing, planning, installing and firing pyrotechnic displays of all sizes. Safety is our number one priority. Through our in-house engineering team, we have the unique facility to fabricate mounts and brackets for our pyrotechnics to safely attach to almost any structure, there is little we cannot do.

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Bespoke shows perfectly synchronised to your music 

No two shows are ever the same from us. We take care to work with our clients to develop the perfect close proximity pyrotechnic display that ticks all the boxes, whilst also taking into consideration the space and location of the show so everything works together in a safe and seamless way.

We have over the years developed good relations with some of the best pyrotechnic suppliers in the world, visiting their factories ourselves to ensure the products we use are perfect for our displays.

All of our ‘product’ is low-debris, low smoke and more importantly CE marked, certified and rigorously tested to ensure it does exactly what it is supposed to.

Whatever your needs, Aardvark FX can ensure you get the effects that you want, delivered in a manner which is safe and reliable.

Perfect for every environment

Our team of competent and experienced technicians and show designers are able to accurately plan and construct the ideal show of close proximity pyrotechnics, perfectly suited to your location. For the largest displays with enough clearance, we can use our biggest effects with up to 100m of awe-inspiring height. However, we are also able to cater for more challenging environments where perhaps having no debris is essential, stadiums or rooftops for example.

We have the knowledge and more importantly the commitment to ensure our displays are always exactly what our clients expect in terms of effectiveness, cost and safety.

World-leading wireless firing system 

Thanks to our distributorship of Galaxis, we hold one of the largest ranges of the firing system in stock and can, therefore, provide you with the most suitable pyrotechnic application for the job.

The Galaxis system allows us to program even the most complex of shows down to millisecond accuracy triggered by our operators, an automatic script or via time code. Due to our stock level, we can offer the best prices on our pyrotechnic packages as we never need to rent in equipment.

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