CNC Plasma for cutting metals

Our precision CNC plasma cutter allows us to create and design, using our CAD software, the most intricate of designs. We can then cut these repeatedly knowing every time the piece will be exactly how we have designed it.

We can include our client’s logos and customised specifications in all of our fabrication projects. The CNC plasma cutter allows us to cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other metals up to a thickness of 25mm! Having this technology in-house means we can reduce costs and processing time for our customers when we are handling the whole project. It allows us to cut any part that we need in a matter of minutes.

Whether you need us to build your whole project or just cut a specific part for you then get in touch.

CNC Router for wood, plastics, foam, and metals 

Our precision CNC router works in a similar way to our plasma cutter, however, it opens the door to many further possibilities. It is mostly used for wood, but we have cut foam cut-outs for flight cases, plastics and even aluminium with it. Having such a tool for us on-site ensures we can offer the best service at the most efficient cost for our clients. The CNC router allows us to cut out letters and signs from all sorts of materials, perfect for retail and attraction installations. The tool also allows us to build our own flight cases with ease, along with complex and intricate shapes for our customers with the highest levels of accuracy.

We offer a part cutting service if you just need a few items, get in touch to find out more.

CNC Laser for small and intricate designs on various materials 

Our latest addition to the precision CNC fleet is our 600 x 900mm 80w Laser. This machine offers the most accurate cutting and engraving of all our machines, so is perfectly suited to small and intricate designs. Whether it is cutting out panels for our custom range of special effects control equipment, personalising gifts, or providing lettering for signage, it does it all with ease. Through the unique software packages that we use, it is possible to import an image directly into the machine and engrave this directly into various different materials like wood, glass and slate.

Get in touch to find out how you can benefit from our precision CNC laser.

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