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G-Flame Power Upgrade

The G-Flame Power Upgrade is an upgrade to the G-Flame which allows for 4 Cans to be used and combined with the correct nozzle the flame height can be increased to upto 8m


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The G-Flame Power Upgrade is a cartridge holder with an additional quick coupler, which can be plugged into the standard cartridge holder. This allows the usage of a total number of four cartridges instead of the usual two cartridges. The additional cartridges increase the flame height to approx. 8 m when used with the liquid nozzle (available separately). Or when used with the other nozzles (S-XXL) the duration of the effect is increased.

Product Information


Nozzle for liquid gas (Available separately)
Cartridges for G-Flame


1 Housing
1 Cartridge Holder Manifold

Compatible Devices

Bi-directional system

– G-Flame

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