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Light up the room

Create a fountain of sparks with our Sparkular spark fountain machines. The height can be adjusted in real time and fired repeatedly to produce sparks which are ‘cold’ and non-hazardous. The machines take a non-pyrotechnic powder which produces several minutes of continuous sparks.

This effect is similar to that of a pyrotechnic gerb, however, there is no smoke and the machine is much safer, with very little setup time making them perfect for close environments, although they are more than powerful enough to fill even the largest of spaces.

With the dedicated controller, we can create stunning displays for your audiences, with sequences and chases programmed exactly to music or a specific timeline.

Robust, Versatile and Reliable 

The Sparkulars can produce up to 15 minutes of continuous sparks from one 200g sachet of granules with a height range of 1-5 metres. They are odourless and smoke-free making the machines more versatile and cost-effective than traditional pyrotechnics.

Safe ‘cold’ fallout

The Sparkulars are perfect for venues that do not allow pyrotechnics or flames, with no hazardous materials needing to be stored onsite. The output of ‘cold’ sparks means there is no need for large safety distances.

Full Sparkular spark fountain kit available for dry hire

Our technicians can handle everything from preparing, installing, operating and de-rigging. However, if you prefer to ‘do it yourself’ the kit is available to dry hire. In addition to our hire stock we are also proud to sell the Sparkular machines, contact us today to find out more. The kit comes with everything you need and we can send via our trusted logistics partners to anywhere in the world. So whichever method you choose trust Aardvark FX to deliver.

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