Heat things up!

Light up your audience with our large range of flame effects. Whether it’s for the largest festival stage, West End theatre production or intimate studio set, nothing beats the warm glow of fire. We can provide flame and fire effects to match every environment and fulfil your creative ideas. We have Liquid Flames that shoot 12m into the air, Gas G-Flames that are perfect for indoor and stage use, a variety of flambeaux style continuous flames, flame bars, fire bowls, oil drums fires, fuel burns, and of course our H-Flame flame throwers!

Through our in-house engineering team, we can build bespoke flame effects and set pieces, including flaming letters, signs and sculptures to suit whatever your event or production requires.

Liquid Flames and G Flames 

Our wireless liquid flames create a thin tall jet of fire and are perfect for large festival stages, concerts, and sports events. Our G Flames create a wider, hotter ball of fire and can be used in almost any environment ranging from 2m-8m flame height with our range of nozzles.

‘Pitch Ready’ Liquid Flame Effects

Our Galaxis L Flames are truly unique, they are the world’s only completely self-pressurising, pump based, truly wireless and battery powered liquid flames.  They can be mounted into our pitch boxes and there is no need for pressurised gases. Further still, the fluid is not classed as a flammable liquid making them perfect for sports pitches and festivals. Why take the risk with other substandard effects? Get in touch and lets work together.

Bespoke Flame Effects

Cirque Bijou asked us to build them two flame-throwing guitars to feature onstage at Goodwood for ZZ Top’s performance. The guitars are controlled by the person holding them, with remote isolation possible from a wireless controller. You can see the bespoke guitar flames in use alongside our G Flames.

Photo Credit: Andre Pattenden

Close Proximity Indoor Flames 

Indoor and small venues can be tricky to work with, but our large range of flame effects gives us the edge in solving this problem. We can provide small handheld flames, and campfire/fireplace effects alongside our G Flames which can be seen here with the smallest nozzle size mounted above a small audience in a compact venue, combined with our H Flame backpack flame thrower being used by a performer onstage.

Photo Credit: Cirque Bijou

Flame Bars 

We design and fabricate our own horizontal and vertical flame bars, which can be used standalone hand-lit or electronically ignited. We also produce flame bars that can be directly attached to a G Flame to create a wireless fully controllable flame bar. Most of our bars use propane gas, however, we also have versions that use various fuels to create either completely smokeless or heavy black smoke emitting flames, perfect for TV and Film.

Photo Credit: Bread and Shutter

Creative or Specialist Flame Effects

Some of the most talented names in the business have used our various flame effects to create unique and memorable photo shoots. Whether it’s reflecting flames off surfaces for TV programs like Top Gear, or simply creating an incredible background for a new product launch shoot, we have got it covered.

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