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Fill the air with colour

Let us fill your venue with confetti and streamers to create a wash of colour and/or sparkle. Confetti is a great way to fill a large space with a safe and exciting effect, which can be very easily set up and fired remotely. Streamers provide a fantastic rainbow of colour, similar to that of a pyrotechnic effect but without all the fuss and they are very easy to clear up.

We have a large range of different machines perfect for every venue: These include Stadium Shots and Power Shots which can instantly launch a large amount in one hit.  Confetti Blowers/ Confetti Blasters can constantly release confetti into the air. Swirl Fans and Confetti Rollers slowly drop confetti, petals, snow etc. onto your audience or set from above.

Just let us know what your requirement is and we can provide the best option for you. The majority of our confetti and streamer machines are completely self-sufficient, meaning they don’t require power or cables and can be remotely fired by our expert technicians or available on a dry hire to other professionals.

Small but powerful 

Our E-Shot cannons can be used in small venues to large stadiums, either mounted on the ground, on vertical trusses or bars, even in the grid above your audience. The small and inconspicuous tubes can easily be hidden in set pieces and other areas to instantly launch confetti or streamers in a very controllable direction.

We use our Galaxis wireless firing system to fire both the E-Shots and Stadium Shots, so these can be positioned in even the most tricky of locations and fired simultaneously from a suitable control position. Whatever confetti and streamers you require, you can trust Aardvark FX to deliver. contact us today and let us work with you.

Safe, non-flammable and colourfast

Confetti and streamers are great combined with other effects like flamespyrotechnics and Co2 Jets. All of our confetti and streamer stock is bio-degradable, non-flammable and colourfast making it safe to use both inside and outside even in the rain. If you prefer a soluble confetti that ‘melts’ on contact with water leaving no lasting mess, the option is there.

Photo Credit: Cirque Bijou

Large choice of materials, colours and shapes

There are endless combinations of sizes, shapes, textures, and colours you can choose, ranging from coloured holi powder to the tiny powder-fetti squares and right up to the largest confetti circles with everything in between. Let us know what you need and we can make it happen. Not only do we have a large amount of confetti and streamer colours on the shelf, we can also fulfil specific requests swiftly.

Photo Credit: Gary Jones


Aardvark FX are renowned for their ingenuity and bespoke builds within the special effects industry. Nothing is too big or too small for us to handle. If our ‘off the shelf’ products are not what you are looking for then get in touch to discuss your requirements for a bespoke confetti and streamer effect. This image shows the ‘World’s Largest Confetti Cannon’ that Angelfire Pyrotechnics asked us to build for Bestival.

Customise every level

Not stopping at confetti, we have launched all sorts of objects in the past, from flower petals to ping-pong balls, if you can imagine it we can create it. Custom designed and printed confetti is also available, so why not show off your brand to thousands with our bespoke confetti packages?

Photo Credit: Leora Bermeister

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