Cool the crowd with intense plumes of Co2

Our CO2 effects create a sudden and loud plume of cold white ‘smoke’ up to 20 metres which is perfectly safe and disperses instantly. They can be fired from any angle and combined with lighting and other effects to create the perfect visual spectacular for your event or production.

We have a large range of different CO2 and Cryo effects perfect for every occasion; CO2 Jets can be attached to truss, placed on a stage, or used on sports pitches, all remotely fired with no cables (if required) thanks to our unique wireless technology. Power Jets create the largest plumes combining multiple CO2 bottles to create the ultimate cloud!

If you would like a more ‘hands-on’ approach then why not try our range of CO2 handheld guns. We have small and discreet pistols, large CO2 guns, CO2 powered T-Shirt Guns and our new Hurricane Gun which combines a confetti blower with a handheld gun to launch several kilos of confetti over 20m instantly!

CO2 Effects perfect for festival stage, nightclub or sporting events

Some venues do not permit the use of hazardous effects like flames and pyrotechnics or perhaps your event is in the daytime. Co2 effects create a perfect solution to these problems whilst maintaining the wow factor with high impact moments. Thanks to our large range of stock and cylinder suppliers worldwide we can work with you to create the best possible effects for your production.

Handheld CO2 Effect Guns 

Give your performers the edge with handheld devices. Perfect for high energy DJ sets and performances, be sure to grab your audience’s attention with one of our range of Co2 Guns.

Perfect for daytime use

It can be hard for some of our effects to be seen in the daytime. But CO2 really does not have this problem, day or night it will always create the biggest impact on your production.

Combine our CO2 Jets with other effects like Flames or Confetti to take things to the next level!

Photo Credit: Jody Hartley

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