Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication is one of the many aspects of Aardvark FX’s skill base with three experienced welders within our team of engineers.  With our use of CAD and our range of CNC cutting equipment, we can ensure our work is carefully planned beforehand and then carried out with the highest standards of accuracy. This also allows us to match our client’s logos, designs and ideas down to the letter. We talk our clients through every stage of the process, using our many years of experience to suggest the best type of design, the most effective materials and the perfect finish for every application.

Complex or Specialist Fabrication 

Over the years we have been entrusted with some of the world’s most incredible fabrication projects. In 2015 we were asked by our client Event FX to design and build a huge ‘Simurgh’ for the European Olympic Games held in Baku. In order for the bird to ‘burn’ we had to design mounting points for our client so they could attach fire rope soaked in fuel. The whole piece spanned a total of 25 metres wide and stood at an impressive 15 metres tall.

The challenge was made ever more complex as we needed to design and make a dolly that enabled the structure to be concertinaed and wheeled out of the stadium. . We were given a very tight deadline, and it was a big challenge for us, but as always we finished on time and on budget.

Props and Set Pieces 

Don’t be fooled with thinking we are only able to make large structures out of metal.  Our team is also very experienced in making intricate and detailed set pieces and props. Whether it be static objects for the scare industry, child-friendly pieces for attractions and theme parks, or complex moving props for film, TV or events, we can help.

This photo shows a beautiful classic style fuel pump which we were asked to build by our client Cirque Bijou for an international Muse tour. As well as pumping out pretend fuel the prop also featured moving dials and was designed to be self-contained and easy to move on and off stage.

Moving and Mechanical Effects 

Through our team of highly skilled engineers and knowledgeable advisers, we have been able to solve some of the most complex of engineering challenges. We apply this knowledge to our designs enabling them to move and come to life. We understand what it takes to make sure something keeps on moving no matter what.

If you need a complex and animated project building, we can help.

This picture shows a huge double ‘wheel of death’ which we designed, built and installed for our client Cirque Bijou at a science expo in Kazakhstan. The project involved lots of moving parts. Most noticeably a moving chain which actually drives a series of cogs and bevel gears to make a large illuminated ball rise and fall. In addition to this the ‘wheel of death’ itself needed to spin under the momentum of the performers during their act and independently motorized without the performers.

Flaming Signs and Logos

Over the years we have become the ‘go-to guys’ for custom flaming signs and effects. We have worked on projects for the London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies, Anthony Joshua, Jessie J, McBusted and Westlife. As well as scare attractions such as Tulleys, Fear at Avon Valley and Scaresville. Our methods are tried and tested, so why look anywhere else? Trust Aardvark FX for all of your fabrication requirements.

Art and Sculpture 

Whilst much of our work involves precision and strict symmetry, we enjoy using the CNC Plasma Cutter to create seemingly simple art installations as shown in the picture. We were asked to make a robust metal cylinder containing a gas flambeaux, with a poem displayed around its circumference.

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