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PLEASE NOTE: This is no longer produced by Galaxis – we have an alternative option known as an SFX Torch. We have the component parts to build 2 further H-Flame units ourselves if the requirement is great enough.

The Galaxis H-Flame is a very versatile backpack and arm mounted flame thrower that offers a number of important safety features. It can be used for indoor, outdoor and special effect applications. Although the operator triggers the flames, a supervising technician can isolate the flames instantly via the use of one of the Galaxis controllers.


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Per WeekNo Longer Available

The H-Flame is effectively a flamethrower. The device itself is carried by a dancer or performer like a backpack. There are hand units for the left and right hand being plugged into the device and each of them can create a flame jet.

The device has been designed to be used in dry environments.

Product Information


Gas cartridges for H-Flame


1 Charging unit
1 Magnetic pen
1 Standard antenna

Compatible Devices

Bi-directional system
 – PFS Pocket
– PFC Advanced
– PFC Advanced – Black Edition

Uni-directional system
– PFS Profi

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